Wednesday Words

Regular readers will know, I've just had surgery for an ectopic pregnancy. I have three surgical wounds to my tummy which are still very sore, but slowly healing. There is also a sad part of me that has lost a pregnancy. These scars will always remind me of that.

I already had three scars on my tummy from an operation when I had Pylonephritis and Septicaemia, when I was pregnant with Bunny.

I have many scars.

I have a scar across my chin, from where I slipped and headbutt the floor, when I was very little.

I have three from a hickman line in my chest, when I had Leukaemia.

I have a big scar across my neck, from Thyroid Cancer last year.

I even have several tiny scars on my hands and wrists, from having so many hospital canulas in.

With the exception of my ugly BCG scar, all of my scars tell a story. They are my war wounds and ugly as they may be to others, I'm not ashamed of them. They are all a part of what has made me the person I am today.

Sometimes remembering the battles we have overcome, help us to be strong.

So I felt this quote would be perfect for #WednesdayWords...

β€œScars have the strange power to remind us that our past is real.” 
― Cormac McCarthyAll the Pretty Horses

  1. Stephs Two Girls says:

    You are an amazing lady, a fighter; don’t forget to take time out to recharge those batteries every once in a while though, even if it hurts to stop and think. You’ll come back even stronger x

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