Birthday dilemmas

May is an expensive month for birthdays and it is fast approaching. All three of our girls have their birthdays in May and I’m really stuck for present ideas!

Bunny is going to be 7, but she has no idea what she wants for her birthday.


Her latest “thing” is that she wants to be a fashion designer. There seem to be a few toys centred around little girls wanting to be fashion designers, but which ones are decent toys and which ones are either:
a) cheap tat without much real function
b) overpriced
c) too fiddly 

Bunny has a fairly short attention span and quite a short fuse too, so if she finds a toy too fiddly to use, she’ll get cross and berate herself for not being able to do it. So I want to get her a toy, that will nurture her passion and also be fun for her.

And then… what else can I get her? If she doesn’t know herself… how am I supposed to know what to get? 

Then there are the twinningtons, they will turn two, just ten days after Bunny.

We know they have an obsession with Bunny’s dollys at the moment, so we KIND OF know what to buy them.

We want to get them a nice (but unbreakable) dolly each. We also want to get them a set of dolly nursery furniture (bed, pram, etc). We can’t decide between the twin dolly sets or the individual dolly sets. I think the twin sets would be lovely, but they’d need a pram each. Some of this stuff is seriously expensive though and due to my operation, I am having to have 6 weeks off work (unpaid), so we are on a pretty tight budget. 

So… I turn to you dear readers…

Suggestions please… of presents for my three gorgeous girls that fit in with the above. I’m looking for recommendations & brand names.
You can tell me the name of a product or you can point me to a link if you can see one online. I want to buy new, not second hand. 

Or if you are a blogger and have reviewed something along these lines – leave me a link to your review!

Had a quick look around THAT toy store today (you know… The huge one with Geoffrey the Giraffe) and wow… Just how many brands if dolly are there now?! Where do I start?

  1. Nicky says:

    Hi – how about those friendship bracelet weaving kits? If she is an aspiring fashion designer, these may appeal to her without causing too much frustration?

  2. Melanie says:

    What about paper dolls or today’s equivalent of fashion wheel? Smyths toys do lots of craft sets e.g. Easy knitting, sewing, make your own jewellery/beads, and those dolls you tuck the fabric into the edges of the doll?

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