Identical twins or non identical twins

After two and a half year’s of hearing the question, “Are they identical?”, we are fed up of answering with, “I don’t know”. This obviously leads to numerous other questions, and when all you wanted was a pint of milk in the supermarket, that soon becomes annoying! Aside from which, I genuinely WOULD like to know if my twins are identical or non identical. I’d like to be able to tell them, when they are old enough to ask.

So, we are getting a zygosity test done, by DNA Solutions. Today we took cheek swaps, from both twins and packaged them into an envelope and sent it off for analysis. I don’t know how long it will take to get a response, but I’m excited about it.


For those who don’t know…

Identical twins are caused by one sperm, fertilising one egg, and then the egg splits into two embryos. The twins have identical DNA.

Non identical twins are caused by two eggs, fertilised by two sperm and have 50% of the same DNA – just like any siblings with the same parents. 

Semi-identical twins, although extremely rare, is caused by two sperm, fertilising one egg, before the egg splits. Meaning the twins carry identical DNA from the mother, and Non Identical DNA from the Father. Only one case of semi ID twins in the world, have ever gone public. 

The majority of people only get the straightforward ID / Non ID zygosity test, which is probably why there are so few cases of semi-identical twins in the world. But I am a curious creature, so I am having the full test done.

I personally, as Tiny and Fluffy’s Mummy, don’t think they look very much like each other. But there are some days, when they do. Some days, when we get them mixed up (but only for a split second!).

So here’s where you can get involved (just for a bit of fun)…

Here are some photos of Tiny and Fluffy. I would like you to guess…

Do YOU think our twins are Identical, Non Identical, or Semi Identical?

wpid-imag0100.jpg terrible two's with twins Siblings


Which type of twins, do you think Tiny and Fluffy are?

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I will blog the poll results AND the DNA results, as soon as the DNA results come through.

  1. Beth Twinderelmo says:

    I will be watching with interest! From all my scans & placenta I was told our are ID but like you I’m not sure as they look so different but now when I look back at photos of them as babies they do look so similar even though I never thought it at the time. Can I ask where you had the test done and how much it cost? I’m so curious about our girls xx

  2. Sophie Durrans says:

    My mum is a twin. Growing up my grandad thought they were identical but grandma didn’t. When they were 50 they decided to find out. Turns out they are identical, don’t think either were happy about the result!

  3. Alice says:

    In the first two pics they look completely different.. But the one where they’re on the bed and when they’re with Bunny, they look identical!!

  4. Natalie Ray says:

    Oh bless them. I think they look very similar but I’d say non-identical. We saw you at the ice skating today, my little girl kept asking if one of your girls could sit on the push along thing with her. It must be lovely for them having company, Libby can’t wait for Lia to be old enough to play with her at things like that. I hope you had a lovely day, we thought it was fabulous.xx
    Natalie Ray recently posted..Christmas at Webbs, WychboldMy Profile

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