I love this picture of my beautiful girls. They are now 2 years and 8 months old and growing SO fast. They no longer like to go in the pushchair if we are shopping in town, so if it’s just a quick trip, I let them walk. They hold hands without being asked to.

Their twin bond is so strong. They have little in-jokes that only they understand. They look at each other and start giggling. It’s the cutest thing ever. Such a special thing to watch.

At night they cuddle up together before they go to sleep. They are quite literally inseparable. They do everything together. I’m so blessed to be their mummy.

My babies aren’t babies anymore. They are toddlers. They are learning to talk, they are getting steadier on their feet (although they still run flat footed which looks very funny). They like to push the boundaries now and see just how much those gorgeous smiles let them get away with.


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