Just before Christmas, me and the girls were offered a photo shoot at a new creative photography studio in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, called Mouse About Town. We find it really difficult to get photos of all three girls together, all smiling and all looking in the direction of the camera, so we were very excited about finally getting some professional ones done.

I was booked in for the following week and it was all arranged really quickly and easily. The studio itself was quite hard to find as it’s in a tiny courtyard in a car park. This is why the studio is aptly nicknamed “The Mousehole”.

Gill, the owner of Mouse About Town, was really friendly and had a ton of patience, which I suppose is a necessary attribute for a photographer. She was also full of ideas and inspiration to prompt the girls with which props to play with. The lighting was all set ready for when we got there, so it was literally a case of walk straight onto the set and leave them all to it. The girls were allowed to help themselves to props and basically just play, whilst the photos were taken. The end result, was fairly natural looking photos of my children playing together. We still didn’t manage to get one of all three smiling at the same time, but we were really pleased with the photos we did get.

My favourite photo of Bunny is the one of her on roller skates. My favourite one of Fluffy is with the green bucket on her head and of Tiny, the one sitting in the suitcase.

Mouse about townMouse about town(3)

Mouse about town (4)

Mouse about town (5)

Mouse about town(6)

Mouse about town(2)Mouse about town (7)

Mouse about town (8)

Mouse about town (9)

Mouse about town (10)

Mouse about town (11)

Mouse about town (12)

Mouse about town (13)

Mouse about town (14)

Mouse about town (15)

Mouse about town (16)

Mouse about town (17)

Mouse about town (18)

Mouse about town (19)

I think it’s really important to support small local businesses like Mouse About Town. Not only does she offer much more competitive rates than many of the bigger branded photography studios, but you get more time and a more personal touch.

Mouse About Town offer park shoots, location shoots and studio shoots at The Mousehole, with prices starting from just £50 for copyright free images and a choice of disc or print options available.

I was happy with our photos and the children really enjoyed their photoshoot, but it’s made me want to save up and have a park shoot done too, because having browsed the website, Mouse About Town have taken some breathtakingly stunning photos on their park shoots. You can never have too many photos of your children right?!

Mouse about Town are currently running a special offer – Half Price studio shoots (£35 instead of £70) if booked before 31st January 2015 and this includes 2 high resolution digital prints.

You can find Mouse About Town on Facebook too.

  1. Karen Hannah says:

    We had a photoshoot not long ago and got some really great photos of the boys. I do think it’s worth paying a professional if you can afford to x

  2. Mike Court says:

    Lovely photos. Shes very talented. I’d love to get photos done of my three girls. Unfortunately Gillian Thomas didn’t provide us with the service we were looking for when we hired her to photograph our wedding last year. Anyone recommend someone similar? Same style and talent but better service?

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