Bratz range 2015


I recently daytripped up to London to see the brand new Bratz fashion doll range on display, just before the launch on July 18th 2015. Pinkoddy and I were made into Bratz ourselves, making our own lipsticks, getting our hair braided and even climbing into a lifesize box. What do you think… would I make a good doll?

 Emma as a Bratz doll braided hair
The new range of Bratz feature the original four dolls Cloe, Yasmin, Jade and Sasha, in addition to their new friend Raya. These iconic dolls are renowned for their unique sense of style and attitude and feature dolls with different skin tones and hair colours for diversity. The new range have had their makeup toned down slightly, in response to modern opinions on children’s fashion dolls.


Bratz are about empowering young girls to be who they want to be, follow their ambition and not afraid to be different.

Continuing to follow that ethos, the new ranges include:

Hello, My Name Is… This is the core range, which demonstrates each Bratz’ individual style, personality and hobbies, with an outfit and accessories to fit the theme.

Bratz Study Abroad… This range was my favourite amongst those showcased (I’m also a travel blogger, so they hugely appeal to me and my girls). Each Bratz doll demonstrates a different country, wearing the typical couture and boasting fabulous accessories unique to that culture.


Bratz Study Abroad


Bratz Fierce Fitness… I love the role model ideals behind this range as each doll shows a different way to keep fit, whilst embracing their unique personalities. Fitness doesn’t have to be boring and these Bratz are geared up for everything from yoga to hiking. (Full review of Bratz Fierce Fitness coming soon!)


Bratz Fierce Fitness


Bratz #Snowkissed… These girls don’t just love travel and fitness, they love the winter too. At a time when many of us are tempted to hide away indoors, these Bratz dolls embody everything that is fab (and fashionable) about winter, right down to skiwear and hot cocoa.


Bratz Snowkissed


Bratz #SelfieSnaps… bring Bratz dolls into the modern world of cell phones and ipads, as each doll comes with their own tech accessories and emoji icons.


Bratz Selfie Snaps


In addition to the new range of dolls, outfits and accessories, there is also a Bratz emoji app, if your children are old enough to have a tablet computer or smart phone, and… wait for it… a Bratz single available to buy on iTunes! It’s called Bratz What’s Up and is sang by Skylar Steckler.

I think the new Bratz range is great fun and something a bit different. They are available to buy now from £14.99 at Argos and all good retailers.





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