Where would you be without an education? If you hadn’t ever gone to school or learnt to read and write, add up, have a basic understanding of the world… would you be where you are now? Would you have the job you currently work? Would you have your home? Your car?

If you’re a parent, where would your children be heading in life, with no education? If they couldn’t go to school and you didn’t know enough yourself to teach them… what hopes would you have for them? How would you feel if you were living in such extreme poverty that clothing and feeding your children was a struggle and school wasn’t even an option? How would you feel if you couldn’t provide for your own children?

Take a few minutes to think about that.

In Africa there are children who are living this poverty as a reality and I want to help change that. Tomorrow I am going to prison, to spend 24 hours locked up in HMP Shepton Mallet in Somerset to raise money for SOS Africa. I am trying to raise enough money to educate an African child living in poverty for a whole year. The cost of that… £240. So less than the cost of a British holiday, or getting your car through it’s MOT. Less than the cost of this laptop I am typing this blog post on. That would be a week’s wages to someone on minimum wage in the UK, but it can provide an entire year’s education and completely change a life in Africa.

Between myself and the other inmates, all incarcerated for petty crimes (mine was spending too much time using technology), we are aiming to raise enough money to provide 200 years of education for children living in extreme poverty in Africa.

So before you click away from this post, thinking “oh great, she’s just after money and I don’t have any to spare”… think about where you would be without an education. If you have a heart, all I ask is that you sponsor me £1. Because if everyone reading this post, sponsored just £1, together we could change a life. We can educate a child who can’t afford to go to school. You could be a part of changing the world… for the price of a bar of chocolate.

Think about it…


If you’d like to sponsor me, please click here to go to the fundraising page.


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