Three year old Fluffy randomly potty trained herself just a few months ago – you may have read my post about toddler led potty training. Tiny, however, just doesn’t get it, bless her. So when we were sent some Thomas & Friends potty training books, we thought, wonder if this will help?!

It’s funny to think how long Thomas & Friends have been around. I remember growing up with Thomas myself, and so did my stepson Rhino and my oldest daughter Bunny. Tiny and Fluffy are growing up with Thomas too!

The set of two books from Egmont Publishing come with a My Thomas Potty Book and a Thomas & Friends Well Done Thomas, Activity Book. The potty book is a hardback, high quality cardboard page book featuring the most popular characters from Thomas & Friends on the pages on the left and two little toddler boys on the right. The book talks through everything from choosing pants, to trying your best on the potty and washing your hands afterwards. It says that accidents aren’t a big deal and you should just keep trying your best.

Thomas & Friends potty training


My twin girls liked the pictures in the books, but I think they were a bit miffed by the choices of “big boy pants” because they are little girls and they don’t want to be “big boys”, they want to be “big girls”. Admittedly the grown up reading the book can change the words as they read, but I do think little girls would be able to identify with the book better if there had been a little girl featured in the book too. The boys pants and boys in the book didn’t do a lot to motivate Tiny, even though she likes trains.

The activity book, however, is much more universal as it features only the Thomas & Friends characters. The activity book includes rewards charts, stickers, targets to set, certificates and posters. Tiny is much more motivated by stickers, so we are currently using these charts, alongside the book, to try and get her head around potty training. She’s not quite there yet, but with a little gentle encouragement, we hope the Thomas & Friends books will help.


Thomas & Friends potty training(2)

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