I started writing this blog when I was 30 weeks pregnant with my twins. My beautiful girls are now starting PRIMARY SCHOOL! I cannot believe my little prem babies are four years old and at SCHOOL. Where has the time gone? How did they get so grown up? They started part time three weeks ago and tomorrow the twins start primary school full time!


Double Trouble 

So far I have been asked for “a chat” with their teachers three times! 

Fluffy has been given red warning cards and had to speak to the headmaster twice now. On two seperate occasions she has decided that actually she doesn’t want playtime to end, so rather than go back into the classroom, she just stays outside. Each time it took the teacher and headteacher 20 minutes to talk her into joining the rest of the class. I guess you could say that at 4 years old, she’s quite young to have found her rebellious side. My own anti-authority style teacher rebellion didn’t start until I was 14 years old!

Kudos to the twins teachers though, they have already learnt the differences between them. Their nursery had them for 18 months and STILL couldn’t tell them apart!

Tiny is showing her rebellious side too as she “doesn’t like being told off” by someone other than Mummy. Her teacher got it with both barrels when Tiny sternly announced to her teacher, “I’m telling my mummy on you and she will be cross!”, followed by “SHUT UP!” repeatedly (which she charmingly learnt from her big sister). 



The highlight of the school day

Neither of the twins wanted to go home the first two weeks because they hadn’t had their “hot dinner” which they were greatly looking forward to. My little munchkins started staying for lunch in their third week and claim it is the highlight of their school day. I love hearing their excited stories of what they did at school each day. 

I don’t think my stubborn, strong willed twins are going to have any problems with bullies at school. I am pretty sure they will defend each other constantly and form their own little mini mafia. I don’t really envy the teachers battle with getting those two to comply and conform. They are double trouble indeed and I love them with all my heart, but if I’m completely honest, it’s quite nice to get a few hours to myself every day now!


  1. Kelli says:

    My 4 year old loves school lunch, too! It’s so funny what gets stuck in their little brains! Your photos are so fun and definitely show off the personalities of the girls!

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