Baby Bear is now 12 weeks old and I have HUNDREDS of photos of him on my phone, but I just had to share this one…



I love how it shows his squishy little cheeks, his big blue eyes and his gorgeous fluffy hair… which we can’t quite decide if it’s blonde or ginger, as it looks different every day! I love this baby boy SO much and I can’t quite believe how fast he is hurtling through the milestones. 

He’s a Smiler



He showed his first real smile at just 10 days old. I was talking to him and we had great eye contact and out of nowhere, came that first smile. And they haven’t stopped since then. He smiles more times each day than I could possibly count. When I pick up the girls from school, he lights up with smiles as soon as he hears their voices or sees their faces. I think he misses them! Every time we make eye contact and talk to him, he beams a smile back and the more he smiles, the more we smile.


first smile, 10 days old

Baby Bear’s very first smile, at just 10 days old!


He’s a Sleeper


sleeping through, sleeping baby, newborn baby

I just can’t believe my luck with Baby Bear’s sleep habits. He’s been sleeping through the night since birth! (Parents with non-sleepers, please don’t hate me!). He is the most chilled out baby I’ve had. He sleeps well, he feeds well, he loves to smile and he loves to play.

Those legs



By 9 weeks he could already shuffle across the floor on his back and roll onto his side. He has such powerful legs than when you bath him, he kicks half the water out of the bath. When you put him upright to burp him, he puts his feet down, straightens his legs and tries to stand up. This week (12 weeks old) he learnt to roll onto his tummy and back onto his back again. He doesn’t do it very often though because: 

a) he doesn’t like being on his tummy 

b) his arms get in the way


Those dinky little hands



Also this week, he realised he can touch things and grab things with his hands. The very first thing he tried to grab, was Mike’s hand, which completely melted our hearts. And now he reaches for both our hands and also his toys. He is absolutely fascinated by his hands and what they can do. I often catch him just staring at his hands, as though he’s pondering just how much they can do. 


12 weeks old

Baby Bear at 12 weeks old is meeting milestones even faster than Bunny did at the same age. My twins were much further behind due to prematurity, low birth weight and a developmental delay, but it seems like many moons ago that I wrote my blog post about my twins at 3 months old. Babies are so remarkable and I sit there seeing all the similarities and differences between my four children, with such pride and so much love.

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