I’ve had a few surges of Mummy pride recently and I wanted to share them. Each of my children have accomplished some new achievements over the last few weeks that deserve recognition.

Baby Bear


I’ll start with my littlest. Bear is now 7 months old and in the last few weeks he has learnt to sit unaided for short periods of time. He has also learnt to army crawl and crawl on all fours. He still loves rolling too though as it’s just so much fun!

He now has 4 teeth, as his top two came through last week and he didn’t cry once whilst teething. As he’s so greedy we’ve now decided to introduce SOME baby led weaning at lunch time, alongside traditional weaning at breakfast and dinner. He loves it all. Just like his Mummy – he loves food, whatever form it comes in. He remains undecided on peas though.

Tiny and Fluffy

pride, twins


The twins (4 years old) have both got their first two adult teeth now, although Tiny is doing the crocodile thing and holding onto the baby teeth as well – having two rows of teeth. I’m giving her another week for the second baby tooth to fall out and if not, then I’m taking her to the dentist.

Both Tiny and Fluffy earned Merits at school for the first time, which made me very proud. I think both of them earnt their Merits for counting. Tiny got a certificate for perseverance and both of them brought home certificates for earning 50 house points each. Tiny also got a certificate for good behaviour last term. Sadly Fluffy blew it on the very last day of term by refusing to leave the playground at the end of lunch, so she didn’t get hers.


Bunny (9 years old) earnt her good behaviour certificate at school (not sure how after getting a few yellow cards for disruptive behaviour) and a Good Citizen Award. She also joined the school football team and played her first match – although I’m not convinced they’ve actually taught her all the rules yet.

Even more exciting though… Bunny entered a Young Writers competition a few months ago. She had to write a 100 word mini saga on the topic of Crazy Creatures. Everyone in her school did it and schools all over the UK took part. We received a letter last week informing us that Bunny’s mini saga was so good that it was among those selected to be published. She received a certificate of Excellence from Young Writers and a bookmark. She has always enjoyed English at school and as a writer myself, I am extremely proud of her.

Bunny is also making improvements at acro gymnastics, which she has been doing for four and a half years. She has been told they are hoping to move her up to C Squad as soon as they find her a partner of similar ability. This has been her ambition for so many years – she really wants to be able to do competitions. We bought her some blocks for Christmas and now she is desperately trying to go from straddle into a handstand on the blocks. We were worried she’d never get there as she’s had some attention issues and some processing issues, which we are currently seeking a diagnosis for. After a chat with some of the staff at the gym, highlighting the problems, they are now checking her understanding of instructions and she has gone back to improving.


I am so very proud of my four incredible children. One of the best parts of motherhood, is witnessing all their triumphs and achievements, no matter how big or small. Nurturing their ambitions is very important to me as I want them to grow up knowing their dreams are achievable – but that they have to work hard to succeed. I hope that my pride in them, is matched by their own pride in themselves.



  1. Jane - Our Little Escapades says:

    Some amazing achievements for all of your girls at school. It’s nice to read they are doing so well. My son had that two teeth thing going on. I had never seen it before. We have lost one top one now and are waiting on the second one to follow. His baby teeth like to hang on. It sounds like Baby Bear is really on the move. I’m glad he is enjoying food. Our little lady at two is becoming a complete nightmare!

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements

  2. tracey at Mummyshire says:

    Oh that’s a lovely round up!
    Your Baby Bear sounds much like my little mister – loves his food and happy to give anything a go. Makes weaning & all the mess that comes with it just that bit more bearable!
    Well done the twins – 50 house points each sounds like a lot of points! I do like how Fluffy decided a bit more time out in the playground was worth blowing her certificate for – sounds like she has a sense of independence about her!
    As for your Bunny that’s amazingly well done with her writing competition. My girl just entered a writing competition and you see just how much hard work and effort they put into it. So glad your Bunny was recognised.
    Good luck with finding a gym partner!
    #SSAmazing Achivements

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