Last week, the twins had their first ever school sports day (it was also Bunny’s sports day as she goes to the same school). It started with the parents being invited in for a picnic with the children, which was lovely.

Sports day was very different to any I’ve known before. There were none of the traditional sports day races and only one competitive race. There was no egg and spoon, no sack race, no three legged race, no relay, no long distance race. They did have a variety of different throwing activities, such as discus, javelin, basketball, rugby etc. They had a version of long jump (from standing… no run up!). But there were no winners. They were simply activities and whilst the aim was to earn points for house teams, there was no real team spirit.


Bunny felt quite unmotivated by the lack of competition and lack of spectators and peer supporters. She was also upset that she couldn’t watch and cheer on her little sisters. All the children were split into different groups but doing the activities at the same time. This meant that parents had to choose between their children and run back and forth between them, missing much of the activity. Many sibling groups had been kept together, but not ours, which seemed a bit unfair. 

I tried to remain optimistic as it was the twins first sports day.

The highlight of sports day was the sprint races at the end. This was the only competitive race of the day. Parents were told to walk around the end of the field if their child placed, so they could take pictures of their child on the podium. Bunny was longing for this race all day and couldn’t wait to run. She thoroughly enjoys running and it helped her get over her disappointment over the lack of sack race (her favourite). Whilst she is better at long distance running, she was determined to get on the podium for this short sprint race. The sprint races brought in the team spirit and supportive cheers that the rest of the activities had lacked. All the children lined one side of the track and the parents on the other side. It reminded me of the excellent sports day Bunny had at her previous school and of my own sports days as a child. Bunny was so proud and excited when she finished in 1st place (particularly as another child had been nastily taunting her all day that she wouldn’t win). 



Tiny and Fluffy loved giving it their all and Tiny was thrilled with 3rd place. Fluffy was thrilled with 4th place, even though she didn’t get to stand on the podium.



What had almost finished on a high note was quickly tainted as a member of staff obstructed my way to the podium, telling me that I couldn’t take a photo of Tiny. It seemed it had been fine for me to take pictures of Bunny and all the other parents to take pictures of their children, but just me that was suddenly not allowed to take a picture of Tiny. Tiny was quite upset about it and I was livid. If it wasn’t for Mike stopping me, I was going to march all three of my children out of the school there and then. I really think schools should practice fairness and not have one rule for some children and parents and another for others.  

In general it’s a lovely school. I can’t fault the wonderful teachers and I love the traditional Christian values they teach. All three of my girls are doing really well and are very happy there and I really wouldn’t want them to be at any other school. But from time to time there are a few injustices that make me feel quite upset. 

Regardless of the dampeners put on sports day, I felt so very proud of my three girls for doing their best. I don’t know why, but I always get a bit emotional (with pride) watching them run. My girls amaze me and inspire me and make me proud so often. It feels like only yesterday that they were tiny babies in my arms and now look at them. All the things they can do and achieve. Motherhood is such an incredible gift and I am so very blessed to have them. 


  1. Fiona Cambouropoulos says:

    Well done your girls, I can’t believe how they have all grown, they really were just babies when I last saw them! I miss sports day now that I no longer have children in primary, it was always such a highlight of the school year and all my kids loved it too. Ours was very much a traditional sports day with plenty of cheering from the parents with every race. I’m glad you at least managed to enjoy the sprint as a competitive event, sometimes I think the world has gone mad taking the competition out of everything. Not taking a photo of your own child sounds a bit strange too, fingers crossed they are a bit more relaxed next year.

    Thank you for sharing your girls achievements with me on #CountryKids

  2. Emma - Hip2trek says:

    Sounds like a great sports day apart from you not being able to get one of your photos. My kids school is pretty good that the different years races are slightly staggered so you have a chance of seeing all your children. We have a more tradition sports day where there are winners, but I think this year they felt sorry for some kids and there seemed to be a joint 3rd place for a few! #CountryKids

  3. Sara | mumturnedmom says:

    Gosh, I can’t get over how big the twins are! Our Sports Days are more about playing games than competing, but the kids always seem to have a good time with their friends. I think it’s more about being outside for the day πŸ™‚ I’m glad it was a good day on the whole and Bunny looks so proud. Lovely! #countrykids
    Sara | mumturnedmom recently posted..Snapshots from the beachMy Profile

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