The decision to finally make your family a little bigger and bring a dog into the fold is one of the most exciting and happiest moments of your family’s life! There’s so much to think about! The breed, the name, finding a local vet to give them their first vaccinations, where will the dog sleep? How will you approach their training?

From pedigree puppies for sale in Manchester, to rescue dogs from the Dogs Trust, nationwide. There really is a dog for everyone.

Becoming a dog owner is an amazing thing – but once you’ve made the decision to have a dog, now you need to choose a breed. But which breed is right for you and your family? Well, here you’ll find the lowdown on the best breeds for those with young families.

Labradors and Golden Retrievers

Everyone has met a Labrador or Golden Retriever at some point, right? I had a friend with one when I was younger and there was nothing he loved more than sleeping between us all during sleepovers – and joining in the midnight feast of course!

Labradors and Golden retrievers are always popular with families because they’re very loyal and are eager to please too. They’re also very tolerant, so if you have a toddler who’s still finding their feet and are a little liberal with their pats and strokes then a Lab or Retriever could be the way to go! These dogs will quite happily lounge with you all day in front of the TV if you want them to, but given the chance they have enough energy and stamina to play all day as well!


Happy, tolerant and up for anything – life is never dull with a Beagle! And they’ll give your kids a run for their money when it comes to long afternoons of play and fun. I have a friend who lives on a boat with her husband and Beagle – he loves nothing more than sitting up on deck and being part of the crew. Beagles are really “pack” animals and will thrive on the attention and will give lots back. The rarely show aggression too – which is what makes them one of the top 5 breeds for families with children.


Do you have older children? And are you an active family? If walking, runs on the beach and days out in all weathers are what you and your family love, then the Boxer could be the breed for you! Boxers can be a little hyperactive – but that’s only because they’re so intelligent and loving – with low levels of aggression, this happy fun-loving breed could be the one for you.

The Crossbreed

Often overlooked, the crossbreed is an excellent choice for so many families. Why? Because when it comes to genetics, crossbreeds don’t tend to carry the specific hereditary problems that come with most pedigrees.  

Instead, they come with their own distinct personalities and there are always so many waiting to be loved in rescue centres throughout the UK.

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