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When you become a parent, holidays can become less about indulgent relaxation and tranquil peace and more about entertaining the kids; keeping them healthy, happy and alive! Choosing the right location for you and yours is vital if you wish to get the best out of the experience.

For beach holidays, bear in mind you will need an area that is safe and that will provide plenty of opportunity for activities. Here are some of the best beach holiday destinations in Europe for families with little ones.

Praia do Barril, Algarve, Portugal

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With a well-maintained beach, an abundance of restaurants, cafes and shops and plenty of attractions for small children, Praia do Barril will be loved by the whole family.
An anchor cemetery can be found at the entrance of the beach, where you will see hundreds of rusty anchors arranged in neat rows, in memory of the tuna-fishing industry. Plus, in this location, the water feels warmer which makes it suitable for a curious child’s wiggly toes!

Ugento, Puglia, Italy

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This all-inclusive resort promises an experience free of stress. There are separate pools for grown-ups, toddlers and children and a lively kids’ club for children older than 4 years-of-age. It’s the perfect place to grab some inflatable swimming pool toys and have fun as a family. With multilingual, friendly staff and great buffet food, you can certainly relax here.

Patara, Turkey

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Glorious, gentle white sand and warm shallows make this location perfect for a family holiday. To keep entertained, have fun exploring the ruins or go canoeing on the Dalaman river. There are no tours operating in this area, so you can take time to explore on your own: proving this holiday to be a unique, peaceful experience for all the family to enjoy.

Port de Sóller, Majorca, Spain

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The only sandy beach on Majorca’s west coast, the Port de Sóller is an excellent choice for you and your family. Whether you like to walk, cycle or explore the surroundings by car, you will find stunning views that will make great memories. The resort’s adult facilities include a spa and Pilate and Yoga sessions – a great way to relax for parents in need of some respite.



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