I give you my heart, my beautiful, funny, clever, amazing children.

There are many moments in motherhood, that overwhelm me with such an abundance of love for my children, that I just want to be able to express it. I can’t of course. Nobody can write that much love. However, during one of those moments of adulation, I wrote this poem, for my four incredible children. 


I give you my heart, Crazy with Twins, Emma Thatcher, poet, blogger, writer


I give you my heart

I give you my heart,
My beautiful children.
I give you my heart freely and truly,
Without exception or excuse.
My love for each of you,
Is constant and unwavering.
At times overwhelming.
There have been moments,
I have sat and held you
And cried
With sheer all encompassing love.

How can I explain how much
A mother loves her children
There are no words
Big enough or powerful enough.
You are my reason for being.
My sole purpose in life,
The biggest blessing in my life
Is being your mummy.
I hope I raise you well
And as adults you stay near
And learn this love for yourself
When you hold your own children dear.

I am treasuring every second
Whilst you are so small.
As babies,
I breathe in your baby scent,
Kiss your chubby cheeks,
Cuddle you close
Your soft hair against my face.
Try to cherish each memory
And hope they never fade.
I wipe away your tears
And snotty little noses.
Bandage your grazes
And try to make you laugh.
I hold your hand
And you hold my heart.

When you are teenagers,
Saying things you don’t mean.
When you’re fully grown
And I don’t get to see you for a week.
Remember still that I love you,
every second of every day.
A mother’s love never fades,
No matter what mistakes you make.
I am here for every heartbreak,
Every sick bug
Every dark day.
And nothing makes me happier
Than seeing the smile on your face.

Don’t grow too fast.
Time please slow a little.
My mummy heart is breaking
As we say goodbye to all your younger days.
And pride fills me,
With each maturing thing you do.
I fear how fast the time escapes
And I don’t want to let go.
Each new thing you conquer
You need me a little less
And I love you even more.
More than I knew was possible,
But my heart just grows and grows.

© Emma Thatcher 2018


I give you my heart


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