If you’ve read the news recently, you’ll know that weather forecasters are predicting that the UK will be hit with a deluge of snow from tonight onwards!


This not only promises days of disruption and delays out on the road, but it also recreates the age old challenge of keeping yourself warm while also maintaining a keen sense of style.


This is a genuinely tough balance to strike, and I’ve made a number of faux-pas while trying to make my winter wardrobe work! I’ve also learned some lessons along the way, however, so here are some tips to look stylish and stay warm during a winter cold snap.


  1. Make your Coat the Focal Point of your Wardrobe


Damart thermal parka jacket 

If you’re going to look smart this winter, choosing which coat to wear is one of the most important decisions that you’ll make.


After all, there’s a huge range of stylish winter coats available on the market, while these garments are made to offer warmth and provide protection against the cold. Long, three-quarter length coats are particularly fit for purpose, while shearling jackets are also in vogue and capable of providing exceptional warmth.


With the right choice of winter coat, you can easily strike the balance between style and warmth, without necessarily having to spend huge amounts of your hard-earned cash.


I’d also recommend donning a stylish and matching scarf or pashmina, as this adds a unique sense of style and some much needed warmth.


  1. Layer your Clothing


Whether you’re at home or abroad, layering your tops and clothes remains one of the best ways of coping with changeable climates.


It also creates a flexible and comfortable look, and one that can reflect your unique sense of style as an individual.


Layers of fine knit tops can keep you warm more effectively than one big chunky sweater, for example, while wearing natural and breathable fabrics like cotton and wool can also bring your winter wardrobe to life.


I’d say that cashmere is the perfect fabric for layering as it’s lightweight, soft and retains heat really well, while it’s also deceptively affordable.


  1. Introduce Colour and Comfort with Micro Fleece Pants


micro fleece pants

When selecting your winter trousers, you could do far worse than investing in a few pairs of low-cost, micro fleece pants.


These pull-on garments, which are sold through online retailers like Damart, are extremely comfortable to wear, while they feature a draw cord that enables you to adjust the fit to suit your body shape and style expectations.


As they’re made from fleece, these trousers are also exceptionally warm, while they can be purchased in a range of bright and vibrant colours that bring your wardrobe to life!




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