Spending Mother’s Day in London is a great choice! The capital city is packed with things to do, and you’d have to make a concentrated effort to be bored or disinterested in what’s going on there. It’s busy, it’s lively, and it’s full of stimulating activities that will perk up anyone’s Mother’s Day! What’re you waiting for? Go and grab yourself some super off-peak tickets and soon you’ll be having fun, enjoying everything the city has to offer.

But what exactly can you do in London? What does it offer that screams Mother’s Day? After all, our mum’s do so much for us, so it’s important that we give back in the best ways possible. Once you’ve arrived, you need something to do!

Consequently, here’s a few suggestions as to what you could get up to in London this Mother’s Day. 


West End Theatre

Few mums would say no to a piece of quality theatre. Seeing live performers in the flesh is a completely different experience to catching a show on Netflix, and when you’re laughing and crying with your fellow audience members, the theatre is truly a unique experience. You’ll leave the theatre feeling like you’ve lived any play you’ve seen there, so get your tickets!

Remember, there’s a theatre show for everyone. While musicals may not be your thing, gory, suspenseful productions like Doctor Faustus can make regular appearances on the West End. In the end, these theatres only offer the best of the best in acting, directing, costume, set and sound design, and everything else too. There’s nothing else like it, so strap in for a memorable Mother’s Day if you go down this route!


Restaurants and Bars

It’s no surprise to say that London offers up some of the very best restaurants and bars not only in the UK, but in the world at large too. Take your mum to Covent Garden and walk into nearly any establishment; you’ll find quality service, lavish decorations and arrangements, and the best food and drink you may ever taste! You can’t go wrong in this area of London!

Of course, the world-famous Ritz can also be found in London too, so that could be an option if you’re willing to splash out a lot. While it’s pricey, it will give your mum a very touching and spectacular experience, one she’ll never forget either. Dining there is a once in a lifetime kind of treat to many, so if you can take your mum there, you may just snag yourself top tier status in the will!


Shopping Sprees

If you’re struggling to think of a unique and nifty present to get your mum, London’s got your back. There’s a quality shop on seemingly every street, so if you’re down to the wire in choosing gifts, simply turn to your mum and say, ‘pick out something you’d like!’. Your incompetence can double well for thoughtfulness in that scenario, and London won’t disappoint you as far as choice goes!

Moreover, there’s shops like Harrods to be explored too. It’s full of pricey but entirely original products, so if you want that present that’s completely unexpected, unique and teeming with appeal, you’ll likely find it in Harrods. Get searching and dive in; who knows what you’ll pick up?

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