Pets have been something that my husband and I have discussed a lot. We currently have a cat. A white cat called Nala, with heterochromia – meaning she has one blue eye and one green eye. She’s quite stunning. We’ve both had dogs before and although we both love dogs (in someone else’s home), neither of us wants one, for all manner of reasons. There are only three types of pets we have considered getting.

  1. A bearded dragon
  2. A Kakariki parrot 
  3. Rabbits

After months of mulling over the options, talking to experts, doing our research and visiting all of the above animals, we finally made a decision. That decision just happened to coincide with the twins 7th birthday.

“If you had two pets, of which one was a boy and one was a girl, what would you name them?”, we asked the twins one afternoon.

Oblivious to the fact I’d already visited said pets, the twins came up with the following answers:

Max and Ruby

Topsy and Tim

We actually thought these ideas were far better than any of the names we’d been tossing around between us and we settled on a pair of names instantly. 

Excitement got the better of us, and we decided to give the twins their birthday presents on the morning of their party, rather than their actual birthday. We were up extra early, as the twins school friend was coming to spend the day with us. I had to “pop out” at 8am to “collect some presents”. As the twins sat excitedly on the sofa, with not the slightest clue what their birthday surprise was, Mike and I walked in, carrying Max and Ruby.


Our Orange Netherland Dwarf Rabbits named Max and Ruby

Max and Ruby are Orange Netherland Dwarf rabbits, which we bought from a local breeder. The breeder shows many of her rabbits and I’d previously been to visit them at her home, so I knew they’d been well handled. Our new pets were only 10 weeks old when we got them and they’ve grown loads already. Netherland Dwarfs are the smallest of all domestic rabbits and so they won’t grow to the full size of “regular” rabbit breeds. Ruby is much smaller than Max and will probably stay that way, as bucks tend to grow larger than does.


Our Orange Netherland Dwarf Rabbits named Max and Ruby

Tiny and Fluffy were over the moon with their new pets, although no doubt it will actually be Mike and I taking care of them most of the time. Max and Ruby are super cute little bunnies and the whole family is smitten with them.


Our Orange Netherland Dwarf Rabbits named Max and Ruby Our Orange Netherland Dwarf Rabbits named Max and Ruby

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