This page shows the links to all my Cancer posts (from oldest to newest).

These range from personal stories, to fundraising, awareness and campaign posts.

To view any of the posts – Just click on the title below.


Stand Up To Cancer
I Stood Up To Cancer in 1994
Cancer doesn’t stop for Christmas
I’ve got Cancer Again 
Are you going to die Mummy?
Today I’m having a Hemithyroidectomy
Surgery Update
Benign or Malignant?
Cancer Confusion
Wednesday Words: My 27th Birthday
Is my daughter traumatised?
So who do I turn to now?
Not coping
GUEST POST: Caring for a sick loved one
Cancer my surgeon is coming to get you
Second Surgery Update
Cancer Trends (CRUK Guest Post)
Silence or noise? #WednesdayWords
My Pathology Results & the Radiotherapy Decision
Why my Radiotherapy is breaking my heart
More about my radiotherapy
Shoulder to Shoulder to Day (#WednesdayWords)
The Fresh Week Pledge (and low iodine diet ideas)
Looking for Courage (#WednesdayWords)
Preparing for Radiotherapy: A little kindness goes a long way
Food insanity – A new kind of eating disorder?
Mummy has to go away (#WednesdayWords)
Reasons to be cheerful: The isolation edition
Day 1 in the Mummy-free zone
Emma Day: Cancer patient turns Media Star
The chink in my armour (I’m struggling)
My radiation levels
Day 6 in the (not so) Mummy-free zone
Our family re-united
More TV & Press coverage
Cosatto – Thankyou for your incredible support
Who I’m running Race For Life for
Holy Moley: Please don’t be another Cancer
What to look for when checking moles
Race For Life 2013
The ghost of Cancer past and present
Survivors wear scars #WednesdayWords
Returning to work after sick leave
Insanity Vs The Saatchi Bill #WednesdayWords
A tale of two cancers and how the Saatchi Bill could change the future
In sickness and in health
Dairy free, egg free, soya free, vegan, low sodium, low iodine chocolate cake
Cancer and Depression
Switching on the Christmas lights for MacMillan Cancer Support
An #S2S2D Thankyou from Radioactive Mum
Geiger Counter #WednesdayWords
Bravery or survival? #WednesdayWords
My cancer treatment results
Unrecognisable #WednesdayWords
Why do journalists lie?
#EmmasArmy against Cancer – Route Plan
A possible cure for Cervical Cancer? The Saatchi Bill needs your help!
I’m still going to walk 104 miles in May
#EmmasArmy Day 1
#EmmasArmy Day 2
#EmmasArmy Julies Story
Preventing Cancer number 3 – I’ve got grade 3 Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia
#Scarfies4Thyca Campaign
What does thyroid cancer look like?


  1. Sharon Butcher says:

    You are a very brave lady. I admire you very much and think you are an inspiration to everyone. You are a great mum and a great person.I enjoy reading your blog and feel like I really know you. Your writing is so lovely too. I hope everything goes well for you and your family in the future. With much love to a very brave person.

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